Bon Appétit! Top 3 Budget-Friendly Chef’s Knives

Bon Appétit! Top 3 Budget-Friendly Chef’s Knives

When it comes to your kitchen, having a quality chef knife is crucial. However, a top-of-the-line chef knife can be quite expensive, leaving many wondering if there are any affordable alternatives. Luckily, there are several budget-friendly options available that offer exceptional performance and value for the money. A good kitchen knife is essential, because a bad one can lead to injury. Below, we’ll explore my top 3 picks for inexpensive, but high-quality chef’s knives on the market.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

Victorinox Fibrox chef knife


  • Affordable: Available at an value-busting price, the Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife provides exceptional value for money.
  • High-quality steel: The Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife is made from a high-carbon stainless steel with a fiber-reinforced handle, making it a durable and reliable option.
  • Excellent performance: The Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife is widely regarded as one of the best budget chef’s knives on the market, mainly thanks to its thin blade and exceptional performance.

Mercer Culinary Millenia Chef’s Knife

Mercer fixed blade kitchen knife


  • Excellent value for money: Like the Victorinox, the Mercer Culinary Millenia Chef’s Knife is another exceptional value-for-money option when it comes to kitchen knives.
  • High-quality steel: The Mercer Culinary Millenia Chef’s Knife is made from a high-carbon steel, making it corrosion-resistant and reliable choice.
  • Highly-Rated By Reviewers: The Mercer Culinary Millenia Chef’s Knife is highly rated for its performance, with many users remarking on its ability to hold an edge for prolonged periods of time and a insane ability to cut through foods with ease (Of course, this requires keeping the knife sharp).

Dalstrong Shogun Chef’s Knife

Dalstrong Shogun Series chef's knife


  • Exceptional performance: The Dalstrong Shogun Chef’s Knife is widely-regarded as THE best-performing chef’s knife for the price.
  • SUPER steel: The Dalstrong Shogun Chef’s Knife is made from Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The handle on the Dalstrong Shogun Chef’s Knife has a smooth design, which fits comfortably in the hand and provides a stable grip. This can help to prevent wrist strain and improve slicing accuracy while cutting anything from tough meats to soft tomatoes.
  • Sharpening: The Dalstrong Shogun Chef’s Knife has a wide blade for a kitchen knife, which provides optimal blade geometry for a sharp and even cut. Additionally, many packages containing the knife come with an in-box sharpening steel to help maintain the edge.
  • Style and Design: The Dalstrong Shogun Chef’s Knife has a unique and stylish design, which makes it an attractive option for not only Chefs, but also knife enthusiasts who also enjoy using their kitchen tools as a statement piece of beauty and quality.

Those are the Top 3 Best Value chef knife selections on the market today. You really can’t go wrong with any of these three choices. Personally, I would spend the extra and go with the Dalstrong Shogun, but the Victorinox Fibrox is a solid knife in its own right. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

All About CPM-S30V Steel

All About CPM-S30V Steel

CPM-S30V Steel Header image

First of all, let’s start out with the bottom line deal – Who is CPM-S30V Steel best suited for?

CPM-S30V is best for those who want a tough knife that is also incredibly resistant to rust and takes a long time to dull.

Here is the breakdown of the S30V

Carbon 1.45%

Chromium 14.00%

Vanadium 4.00% 

Molybdenum 2.00%

This combination is what makes CPM-S30V what is considered a, “Premium Steel.” Most knives that use S30V tend to be a bit pricier due to their higher quality and the fact that S30V is much harder to work with due to its tough properties.

Examples of some, “Premium Knives” that use S30V are shown below

Benchmade 940 with CPM-S30V Steel
Benchmade 940
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zero tolerance knife 0350 s30v blade steel
Zero Tolerance 0350
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CPM-S30V Spyderco Manix 2 Folding Knife
Spyderco Manix 2
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Biggest Benefits of CPM-S30V Steel

Probably the biggest benefit of having a knife made from s30v is the all around utility. The steel, in our opinion, gives the best of all worlds. It is resistant to rust, the steel is super tough and takes forever to dull, and it is flexible enough not to shatter easily. The original creator of CPM-S30V is Crucible.

How is CPM S30V So Tough?

The chemical makeup of CPM S30V is a martenistic stainless steelm Meaning that it has a chemistry that has been specially balanced to promote the formation of vanadium carbides, which are more effective and much harder than chromium carbides in giving the steel wear resistance.

Top 3 Clip Point Knife Choices For Every Day Carry

Top 3 Clip Point Knife Choices For Every Day Carry

Clip point knives are a very common and popular style of knife with a curved blade that gradually comes to a sharp tip. They are used for a variety of purposes, from hunting to outdoor activities like hiking and camping. In this article, I’ll be discussing my top three clip point blade recommendations and what makes them stand out from the plethora of other choices out there.

Buck 110

Buck 110 clip point blade

The Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife is a classic clip point knife that has become a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. This knife features a large, 3.75-inch blade made from 420HC steel, which is known for its durability and resistance to rust. The handle is made from genuine wood and has a brass rivet for a traditional look. The knife also comes with a leather sheath for easy carrying and storage.

One of the best things about this knife is its ability to hold an edge. The 420HC steel blade is strong and holds a sharp edge for an extended period of time, even when used on tough materials. The knife is also very reliable and can be counted on for heavy-duty tasks.

KA-BAR Fighting Knife

KA-BAR clip point bowie knife

The KA-BAR Fighting Knife is a classic clip point fixed blade that has been trusted by soldiers and outdoor enthusiasts for decades. The long, thick blade is made from high-carbon steel and features an absolutely AMAZING grip wrap and guard for a secure grip under any conditions. The pommel is solid metal and is perfectly suited for rugged outdoor use.

Voyager Vaquero

Cold Steel clip point machete

The Voyager Vaquero by Cold Steel is a modern take on the classic clip point knife with a contoured G-10 handle and high-performance steel. It is made of high-quality Japanese AUS-10A steel, which is known for its toughness and excellent edge retention. The Voyager Vaquero also features a back lock opening system, which provides excellent lock up and a secure grip. This knife is designed for both EDC and outdoor use and is an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality clip point knife with a more modern kukri design. If you are unsure of what size to go with, go with the XL (Trust me, it’s exactly as awesome as it looks).

Those are my top 3 choices for knives with a clip-point blade. Never forget, a drop point may LOOK similar, but the main difference of a clip point vs drop point is that a clip point knife has a ‘clipped’ spine. A drop point ‘drops’ into the spine. The Romans used to clip coins, so think of it like that. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful rest of your week.

Top 3 Recurve Knife Choices For Everyday Use

Top 3 Recurve Knife Choices For Everyday Use

With thousands of different designs available, why choose a recurve knife? Simple. Due to recurve knives having a curved blade that bends inward toward the handle, the blade geometry naturally creates a force multiplier. This allows the user to slice through whatever they may be cutting a heck of a lot easier than other blade geometries. Now you may be asking, “Great, but what is the best recurve knife out there?” I’m glad you asked. Here are my three top choices. Let’s start off with a fixed-blade tactical recurve knife.

Tops Tom Brown Tracker Field Edition

Tops Tom Brown recurve knife

One of the most well-known and uniquely-shaped recurve knives is the Tops Tom Brown Tracker Field Edition. This knife features a 6.5-inch blade made from O1 high-carbon steel and comes with an upgraded G10 handle for improved grip and control. The recurve blade on this knife makes it a great choice for hunting, as the curved blade allows for improved cutting power and precision. The knife includes a durable kydex sheath designed to protect the knife while not in use. The only downside to this the Tops Tom Brown Tracker is that, due to the irregular blade shape (which is AWESOME in my opinion), it can be difficult to sharpen.

recurve blade in sheath

Boker Arbolito Buffalo Soul

tactical recurve knife

For those looking for a more unique style of knife, the Boker Arbolito Buffalo Soul is a phenomenal choice. This knife features a 4-inch blade made from high-carbon steel and comes with a classic-style handle made from grippy micarta. The recurve blade on this knife is designed to provide a smooth and straight cutting edge and is perfect for tasks like skinning and filleting. Due to the hardness of the steel, the edge retention holds up quite well on this specific model. The knife also includes a cordura belt sheath and warranty, making it a great choice for those looking for an affordable, yet high-quality knife. Also, this knife is great for beginners learning how to sharpen a recurve blade.

Kershaw Blur

The Kershaw Blur is massively popular, and for good reason. The Blur is a high-performance knife with a modern recurve design that features grippy G10 handle scales and an assist-opening mechanism. The blade is made from a high-performance Sandvik 14C28N stainless-steel, which provides excellent edge retention and a strong, sharp edge. The blade is specifically shaped to provide precision and control, while the handle is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable. The Blur has become so popular that it is now available in multiple colors. If you read about these three choices and don’t know which one to pick – Go with the Blur. The Kershaw Blur is a great choice for both everyday carry and hardcore outdoor use.

In conclusion, choosing the right recurve blade is all about finding a design that you find visually appealing and the tasks you plan on using it with. While there are countless options available, you really can’t go wrong with ANY of these three knife choices. If you can’t decide which one of these three to go with, go with the Kershaw Blur. I own at least three Blurs (I forget how many I have). I have my favorite one as part of my EDC (Every Day Carry) rotation. It has replaced my SOG Flash II since the lock of the Flash II failed on me. Alright, I am starting to rant so I better wrap this one up. Thanks for reading and, as always, have a lovely day.

Tools That Keep Your Blades RAZOR SHARP: Knife Sharpeners Explained

Tools That Keep Your Blades RAZOR SHARP: Knife Sharpeners Explained

Knives are a staple in every kitchen, and since you are reading this from a knife enthusiast website, it is probably a staple item that you regularly carry in your pocket. However, to get the most out of your knives they must be kept sharp and in working-condition. There are several different main types of knife sharpeners available and each has its pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss the most popular types of knife sharpeners. These sharpeners consist of electric, hand-held, belt, and manual sharpeners. Alright, let’s get into it and learn about each type of knife sharpener, how to properly sharpen using each system, and how they can help keep your knives in tip-top form.

Electric Knife Sharpener

An electric knife sharpener is a plug-in or battery-powered machine that helps you to sharpen knives quickly and easily. Electric sharpeners come in various forms, from standalone units to ones that mount on a kitchen countertop using suction cups or rubber feet.

electric knife sharpening machine


Quick and easy to use
Can be used by beginners
Allows for consistent sharpening
Can be used on a variety of blade shapes and sizes


Can wear out the blade quickly if used too frequently
May not be suitable for knives with a thin or delicate edge
May not be suitable for knives with a very high carbon content

Hand-Held Knife Sharpener

The humble hand-held, pull-through sharpener is THE most popular knife sharpening system on the market. These are small, handheld devices that feature a set of steel rods that you pull your knife through to sharpen it. They’re easy to use, require no specialty skills or training, and they’re perfect for a quick touch-up. Unfortunately, they can remove a lot of material from your blade and can damage the edge, particularly if the knife has a specialty grind.

Pull-Through knife sharpener


Easy to use
Ideal for On-The-Go (OTG) use
Can be used on a wide variety of blade geometries and sizes


Can wear down the blade quickly if used incorrectly
May not be suitable for knives with a delicate or thin edge
May not be suitable for beginners who are just learning how to sharpen knives

Belt Knife Sharpening System

ken onion work sharp belt knife sharpener


More robust than hand-held sharpeners
The most versatile machine to use with a variety of blade shapes and sizes
Ideal for sharpening multiple blades in a short period of time
Allows for consistent sharpening


Can be expensive
May not be suitable for beginners who are just learning how to sharpen knives
Can take up a lot of space on a tabletop surface
Uses much more energy than other methods

Stone Knife Sharpeners

This is the most traditional way of sharpening a knife blade. They come in a range of grits and can be used to achieve a razor-sharp edge. The main pros are that they’re very effective, they can be used to sharpen any type of knife, and they’re ideal for real-deal knife enthusiasts who want to take their sharpening skills to the next level. The cons are that they require skill, time, and practice to use properly and they can also be quite messy to use (Especially with oil).

sharpening knife on whetstone

Whetstones (Waterstones)

Pro: Easy to use and allows for the ability to get extremely sharp edges.

Con: Requires some skill and practice to use successfully and requires routinely flattening the stone.

Diamond Stones

Pro: Fast and efficient, with very long-lasting sharpening surfaces.

Con: Higher cost and can be too aggressive for certain types of steel.

Arkansas Stones

Pro: Easier to use than most sharpening stones.

Con: Can be slow to use and may not remove as much steel as other types of stones.

Oil Stones

Pro: Fast and smooth way to sharpen a knife.

Con: Can require frequent soaking to maintain lubrication and can also be quite messy to use.

Honing Rods

Another popular sharpening method is to use honing rods. These are straight rods made from steel or ceramic that you use to align the edge of your knife. By running your knife along the honing steel, you can remove any minor deformations or unaligned sections on the blade and improve the edge’s cutting ability. The pros are that they require almost no skill or training, they’re perfect for everyday use, and they’re very gentle on your blade. The cons are that they can only be used on certain types of knives and they won’t help if your knife is already dull. This is more of an edge-touch-up tool instead of a ‘sharpener.’

steel honing rod

Pro: Simple to use and can quickly touch-up a dulling edge.

Con: Typically takes longer to use and may not be suitable for certain types of steel.


Overall, the best choice of knife sharpener depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for the best overall sharpening system, a pull-through or belt sharpener is most likely your best option. Those looking for a fine, smooth edge will probably enjoy a whetstone, while diamond stones may be the best choice for those seeking fast and efficient sharpening. Arkansas stones and oil stones, while popular for their affordability, are not the very efficient or practical for most users. At the end of the day, the key is to find a sharpening system that meets your specific needs. Thanks for reading!

All About D2 Tool Steel

All About D2 Tool Steel

Two rolls of D2 tool steel

Perhaps you have been scanning your favorite social media site or online marketplace and realized that many of the ‘Cooler-Looking’ knives are stamped with the letter ‘D’ with the number ‘2’ directly beside it. “What the heck does that mean?” “Is it a brand I’ve never heard of?!” Nope. You, my internet friend, have just stumbled upon one of the best steel formulations ever discovered.

Ontario Rat II with D2 Steel Blade

D2 tool steel is a high-carbon steel that is widely used in the knife industry. It is often regarded as a ‘super steel’ due to its exceptional properties and heavy-duty applications, which make it suitable for a wide range of real-world purposes. They don’t call the stuff ‘Tool Steel’ for no reason. So, let’s get into the history, characteristics, and properties of D2 knife steel, and by the end of this article, you’ll know EXACTLY WHY they call D2, THE ‘Tool Steel’.

History of D2 Knife Steel

D2 knife steel is a high-carbon tool steel that was first developed by Crucible Industries in the late 1970s. It was designed to be hard and tough, with excellent wear resistance, and was marketed as a superior metal for cutting tools and knife blades. Knife manufacturers quickly took notice and their customers quickly caught on to the wonders of this miracle steel. For decades, since its initial introduction to the market, D2 steel has become one of the most popular materials for knife manufacturers, mainly due to its INSANE ability to hold an edge for extended periods of time.

Benchmade knife with powder blue handle and D2 blade

Characteristics and Properties

D2 tool steel has several excellent characteristics that make it a popular choice for knife makers and the users that purchase these knives. This ‘super steel’ is known for its exceptional wear resistance, edge maintainability, and its ability to sustain unorthodox maneuvers, such as being used as a pry bar or batoning. D2 steel is also highly resistant to corrosion, thanks to its high chromium content, which makes it suitable for use in wet or brackish environments. It really is a ‘super steel’.

hinderer folding knife with g10 scales

In addition to its wear resistance, D2 steel is also known for its overall toughness, which makes it suitable for use in hard-use tasks such carving. What I am really trying to get at here, is that D2 is a ‘no joke’ steel that can take a SERIOUS beating. Surprisingly, it is also relatively easy to sharpen and suitable for everyday carry tasks such as opening packages or cutting steak.

The hardness of D2 ranges from approximately 58-61 on the Rockwell C scale, making it particularly suitable for use in heavy use and outdoor survival tasks. However, it should be noted that the hardness of D2 steel, or any steel for that matter, can vary depending on the heat treatment process used by the manufacturer. So, always make sure to buy from a quality manufacturer such as Benchmade.

Rockwell hardness chart of D2 tool steel

Another advantage of D2 steel is that knife makers have found it easy to work with, making it suitable for use in a variety of knife patterns and designs. Due to the high carbon content, the steel formulation allows for the creation of different finishes, such as a hamon, which is a popular Japanese blade finish that uses a combination of clay with a specialized heat treatment in order to create a distinctive patterning on the blade itself. The bottomline is that you really can’t go wrong with D2 tool steel. It is a wonderful ‘super steel’ with a variety of uses. Thank you for reading.

Top Knife Brands For Lightweight EDC Folders

Top Knife Brands For Lightweight EDC Folders

Are you in need of a high-quality, lightweight folding knife that you can carry in your pocket on a daily basis and rely on? Faaaaantastic. Then look no further than these top 4 manufacturers: Benchmade, SOG, Spyderco, and Gerber. These brands offer a range of folding knives with features and designs that make them ideal for a variety of uses and lightweight carry. Each of these manufacturers brings their own unique approach to making durable, lightweight, and functional knives. Alright, time take a closer look at these options and see what makes each of them stand out. I’ll start off with a basic summary of each brand and then give you my top model for each manufacturer.

Benchmade is one of the top knife brands known worldwide


Famous for their sleek designs and durability, Benchmade is one of the major leaders in the knife industry. If you need a reliable and lightweight option, the Bugout 535 is a top pick. Made with G10 handles and an S30V steel blade, this knife is built to last and can handle just about any task you throw in front of it. Let’s talk about the weight… It’s quite light, weighing in at just over two ounces – PERFECT for everyday carry. You won’t have to worry about carrying a giant hunk of steel around, like you would with most Cold Steel products. Another great, even lighter, Benchmade option is the Mini Griptilian 555, but take in mind that it is smaller than the Bugout 535, so there are some limitations, but it may be perfect for someone who needs a more compact knife.


If you’re looking for a knife that can handle anything you throw at it, look no further than the SOG Flash II. This knife features a durable stainless steel drop-point blade and a grippy zytel handle. It also has a comfortable, ergonomic design that will fit your hand perfectly – even if you’re wearing gloves. And with its ambidexterous pocket clip, you can carry it however you prefer. If you’re looking for a more compact option, the SOG Vulcan is a great choice. It features a similar blade size with a more flashy design, making it perfect for everyday carry.

sog flash 2 folding knife


If you’re looking for a high-quality folding knife that you can count on, Spyderco is a great option. The Yojimbo 2 is a popular choice thanks to its lightweight design and strong, durable blade. It features a compression lock for easy one-handed operation and a G10 handle with a grippy texture. For those who prefer a stronger blade shape, the Manix 2 is another great option.v It features a full-flat grind and a solid lock mechanism, making it perfect for heavy-duty tasks.

spyderco folder with g10 scales


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, look no further than Gerber. Gerbers knives are known for being high quality knives that won’t break the bank. My favorite Gerber folder is the Gerber E-Z Out. Now, DON’T get the non-serrated version of this knife. Why? Because the serrations on this particular blade are AMAZING. Something about the geometry of the serrations made me EDC this knife for over a year exclusively. Now, this was before I had two nickels to rub together. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly folder from one of the top knife brands, but still want a GREAT knife – Gerber E-Z Out.

Gerber E-Z Out blade with serrations

Alright folks, that’s all I’ve got for this one. The bottomline is that you really can’t go wrong with any of these brands. These are world-class knife manufacturers that have a proven track record and numerous happy customers. If you end up picking up a blade from one of these knife makers then you’ll end up smiling from ear-to-ear knowing that the manufacturing process they used was well-above the ‘cheaper’ brands. Thanks for reading, and as always – Have a lovely day.

5 Reasons Why Spear Point Knives Are AWESOME

5 Reasons Why Spear Point Knives Are AWESOME

5 Reasons Why You Need a Spear Point Knife in Your Life

If you’re a fan of camping, hunting, or just love the great outdoors, you know how important it is having the right gear. However, did you know that a spear point knife can be a versatile and essential tool that any sensible knife owner should have?

Whether you are dashing through a forest Rambo-style and need a defensive option, or you just need to slice up some vegetables for dinner, a spear-point-style knife is a versatile and reliable tool that can easily handle nearly any task. Here are my top five reasons why this blade shape is a must-have in your outdoor gear collection.

1. Most spear point folders are lightweight and easy to carry. Your typical folding spear point knife is small enough to fit in your pocket or on your belt, making it easy to carry with you at all times. Of course, not all spear point knives are lightweight, but most manufacturers know their customers don’t want to carry a MASSIVE blade, and the blade shape uses less steel than many other blade shapes, such as a sheepsfoot knife, which tend to have a thick spine.

spear point style folding knife with zytel handle

2. It’s durable and can withstand heavy use. Despite using less metal, the geometry of a spear point knife allows it to have quite a bit of strength for its, usually, lightweight. With a strong and durable blade, a spear point blade can be used to cut through large diameter branches, carve wood, and even slice through thick meats with ease.

fixed blade spear point knives with cases

3. It’s versatile and has a multitude of everyday-life applications. Not only is a spear point knife essential for camping and outdoor survival, but it can also be used for typical kitchen tasks. The blade shapes also lends itself to have a good prying ability.

luxury drop point knife with wooden handle in black and white

4. It’s easy to clean. The spear point design makes it easy to clean and maintain – a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth and it’s ready to go. I would recommend lightly oiling your blades too in order to avoid them rusting.

Folding spear point design knife with hard plastic case

5. It’s safer to use than most blade shapes. Since a spear point has a straight and tapered blade, a spear designed blade is easy to handle and use, making it safer to use for complete beginners and experts alike.

spear point knife with drop point characteristics

It’s a must-have for everyday use, camping, and survival purposes. Whether you’re exploring the wilderness, learning the basics of outdoor survival, or staying in a cozy room with a cup of hot tea, a spear point knife is a must-have knife design for any knife lover.

Aaaaannnnndddd…. that’s all I’ve got for today folks. Those are the TOP FIVE REASONS that I own MANY drop point style knives in my collection. Thanks for reading, and as always, have a lovely day!

Maxam Knives – Good or Bad?

Maxam Knives – Good or Bad?

I was recently walking to my local gym and low and behold I ended up finding this little gem on the ground.

front of maxam knife

At first, I thought it was a Spyderco. I was STOKED! Unfortunately, I picked up a ‘Maxam’ branded knife. So, what do I think of it? Meh… It doesn’t impress me.

Overall, the knife screams cheaply made Chinese mass-produced crap. Nothing against Chinese knives. As of the time that I am writing this article (Year 2020) the Chinese are making some quality blades. This Maxam knife, however, is not one of those high-quality pieces.

The black handle is made from cheap plastic, not the Zytel or G10 quality plastic that many knife-collectors are used to. The pocket clip… I actually like. Sure, it isn’t deep carry, but the “springiness” of the pocket clip is perfect. The knife-hole opener is more of a Byrd knife shape rather than your typical Spyderco circle.

maxam knife in both good and bad conditions

Since I picked it up from off the ground, I wanted to test the sharpness of the blade. This bad boy has gone through quite some use. The smooth edge was so dull that it could barely cut paper even when I laid it flat-down on my table. The serrated edge is still in pretty decent condition.

The blade steel is trash. Very soft steel. It took me a few passes on my sharpening system to get this blade razor sharp, aaaannnndddd… it was dull again after cutting rope for less than 10 minutes.

serrated edge of maxam blade steel

In summary, if you see a Maxam knife at your local sporting goods store and it is over five bucks… save your money. This knife may be okay to shove into your fishing tackle box or in the glove compartment of your vehicle. But, as a knife snob, I would recommend you skip out on these Maxam knives. The quality is seriously lacking.

What Is Knife Batoning?

What Is Knife Batoning?

Knife batoning is when you use your knife in the same fashion that you would use an axe – to split wood. The difference between using an axe and using your knife is that, for the most part, your knife doesn’t have the weight and blade geometry of an axe.

batoning knife

In order to make your knife function more like an axe, a piece of wood or other heavy club is used to provide more force to the wood you are trying to split.

What Is The Best Knife For Batoning

There are many good choices. Our personal favorite is the Becker BK9. Ethan Becker is well known among knife fanatics and he designs some of the most robust blades on the market today.

knife title

The Becker BK9 is a knife that has stood the test of time. We here at I Luv Knives believe that the BK9 is not only the best knife for batoning, but also the best bang for your buck if you are looking for a blade that will last you a lifetime.

The main thing about a batoning knife is that it needs to have a heavy blade in order to chop through wood. The entire premise of batoning is to chop or hack through. You are mimicking the action of an axe.

Will Cutting Paper Dull My Knife?

Will Cutting Paper Dull My Knife?

dull knife blade from cutting paper

This is a very common question many knife owners have asked. The “Paper Cut” test is commonplace in the knife community to get a good glimpse on how sharp your blade is. But does cutting paper actually dull your knife?

Short answer: For most instances – No. The average piece of paper with a razor sharp knife will be sliced like butter.

However, there are a lot of assumptions being made there. There are so many factors that go into the “Paper Cut” test that will determine the end result of your knife blade’s sharpness.

For instance – What type of paper are you cutting? What is the hardness of your blade? Angle of the blade edge? Geometry of the blade?

I could go on and on, so let’s set some “average knife” parameters and continue from there.

Let’s say our average pocket knife has a drop point blade as shown below

Benchmade Bugout
knife title

The angle of the blade is a common 20 ° and the hardness at HRC 58.

How well would the knife hold up versus the following paper products?

Printer Paper – Your knife will stay plenty sharp. You most likely could cut soft printer paper for an hour straight and see no discernible difference in sharpness.

Glossy Photo Paper – Alright, now you aren’t only cutting paper, but a glossy layer on top of it. Your knife will dull much faster with photo paper because not only is it thicker, harder, and made of different materials – but there is an adhesive layer between the paper and gloss as well.

3-Hole Punched Binder Paper – You might as well be slicing butter. You could cut binder paper all day and not see a difference in sharpness.

In conclusion, most readily-available types of paper won’t harm your blade’s sharpness so feel free to do the “Paper Cut” test regularly.