Top 3 Recurve Knife Choices For Everyday Use

Top 3 Recurve Knife Choices For Everyday Use

With thousands of different designs available, why choose a recurve knife? Simple. Due to recurve knives having a curved blade that bends inward toward the handle, the blade geometry naturally creates a force multiplier. This allows the user to slice through whatever they may be cutting a heck of a lot easier than other blade geometries. Now you may be asking, “Great, but what is the best recurve knife out there?” I’m glad you asked. Here are my three top choices. Let’s start off with a fixed-blade tactical recurve knife.

Tops Tom Brown Tracker Field Edition

Tops Tom Brown recurve knife

One of the most well-known and uniquely-shaped recurve knives is the Tops Tom Brown Tracker Field Edition. This knife features a 6.5-inch blade made from O1 high-carbon steel and comes with an upgraded G10 handle for improved grip and control. The recurve blade on this knife makes it a great choice for hunting, as the curved blade allows for improved cutting power and precision. The knife includes a durable kydex sheath designed to protect the knife while not in use. The only downside to this the Tops Tom Brown Tracker is that, due to the irregular blade shape (which is AWESOME in my opinion), it can be difficult to sharpen.

recurve blade in sheath

Boker Arbolito Buffalo Soul

tactical recurve knife

For those looking for a more unique style of knife, the Boker Arbolito Buffalo Soul is a phenomenal choice. This knife features a 4-inch blade made from high-carbon steel and comes with a classic-style handle made from grippy micarta. The recurve blade on this knife is designed to provide a smooth and straight cutting edge and is perfect for tasks like skinning and filleting. Due to the hardness of the steel, the edge retention holds up quite well on this specific model. The knife also includes a cordura belt sheath and warranty, making it a great choice for those looking for an affordable, yet high-quality knife. Also, this knife is great for beginners learning how to sharpen a recurve blade.

Kershaw Blur

The Kershaw Blur is massively popular, and for good reason. The Blur is a high-performance knife with a modern recurve design that features grippy G10 handle scales and an assist-opening mechanism. The blade is made from a high-performance Sandvik 14C28N stainless-steel, which provides excellent edge retention and a strong, sharp edge. The blade is specifically shaped to provide precision and control, while the handle is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable. The Blur has become so popular that it is now available in multiple colors. If you read about these three choices and don’t know which one to pick – Go with the Blur. The Kershaw Blur is a great choice for both everyday carry and hardcore outdoor use.

In conclusion, choosing the right recurve blade is all about finding a design that you find visually appealing and the tasks you plan on using it with. While there are countless options available, you really can’t go wrong with ANY of these three knife choices. If you can’t decide which one of these three to go with, go with the Kershaw Blur. I own at least three Blurs (I forget how many I have). I have my favorite one as part of my EDC (Every Day Carry) rotation. It has replaced my SOG Flash II since the lock of the Flash II failed on me. Alright, I am starting to rant so I better wrap this one up. Thanks for reading and, as always, have a lovely day.

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