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I Luv Knives is home to some of the best knife information, knife tips and blade reviews on the internet. It was started by one guy who became absolutely addicted to finding the perfect knife, but slowly realized that there is no such thing as perfect, but instead, there are just tons of really great knives that deserve to be talked about.

On this site, we ransacked the internet looking for nothing but the most awesome and practical knives that are available and put it all into one easy and convenient location for you which is right here!

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Were constantly on the hunt for great new knives and gear all the time, so make sure to check back regularly and enjoy your stay!

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Best Cheap Pocket Knife

Best Cheap Pocket Knife

The Absolute Best Affordable Pocket Knife

Now, before you get your panties in a bunch. Yes, I get that there will be a ton of knife nuts that come here while playing with their $1000 S30V Custom Auto Folding Knife and say, That isnt even close to the best knife ever made! Calm down, read the title again, and then continue. The knife below is what I believe to be the absolute best cheap pocket knife that you can have for under $15. No, it doesnt have a super steel. No, it isnt made in the United States. Yes, it does look like a blatant rip-off of a Chris Reeves Sebenza. All of that aside, this is hands-down, the best cheap pocket knife under $15. I present to you, the Sanrenmu 710.

best cheap pocket knife

knife title

This knife is wonderful for the money. As of today, June 4th 2016, this knife can be purchased on Amazon for $12.99. It is worth every single penny that I paid for it and I paid even more. For those who arent in the knife collecting community, Sanrenmu is a Chinese knife producer that has been around for a while now.

Definitely The Best Cheap Pocket Knife

I heard somewhere that they are actually the manufacturers of the Spyderco Tenacious, one of the best EDC (every day carry) knives out there, but that is just a rumor and I dont actually know if it is true or not. Either way, the quality to price ratio for this particular knife is outstanding. I actually own three (and bought 2 more that I have away as gifts), simply because they are such good knives for the money.

sanrenmu 710 knife review

knife title

The knife weighs 3.1 oz and has a blade length of 2.8 inches, which is perfect for EDC. This knife has an 8Cr13Mov blade steel. It feels virtually weightless in your pocket. The tolerances are quite incredible for how inexpensive it is. The frame lock that this knife sports is quite hefty, despite the relatively light weight. I cant think of another blade that has all of these features at this price-point (except maybe the Cold Steel Finn Wolf), and for that reason alone, I believe that it is the best affordable pocket knife on the market today.

Awesome Blades & Unique Looking Knives

Awesome Blades & Unique Looking Knives

Here Are Five of the Most Awesome Blades and Unique Looking Knives That Man Has Ever Created. (Also They Are Completely Mall-Ninja Knives)


1. Edge of Sanity Full Tang Knife


knife title

Ever needed a knife with a handguard, glass breaker, serrations, and a saw all at the same time? No? Me either. But, dont get me wrong, this thing looks awesome. With an overall length of 14.50 inches and a blade length of 8.25 inches, this thing is essentially a small sword. While this knife looks completely useless, it is quite fun to take out into the woods and practice splitting wood and other soft materials. I wouldnt recommend this knife for anyone who is looking for the utmost quality, but this list is mostly just for fun, so dont take any of the knives on this list as serious contenders for an every day carry knife. I couldnt think of anyone who would want to carry this big chunk of steel around every day anyway.

2. Golden Assisted Stiletto

golden stiletto

knife title

Here is another mall-ninja type of knife. This is definitely a unique blade. It is supposed to be a Scarface knife, but I doubt you will be scaring anyone up with this guy. This thing looks and feels awesome, but has the most flimsy liner-lock that I have ever witnessed. I have almost cut myself with this item numerous amounts of times. Beware, if you decide to get one of these awesome blades, you will have the urge to stab things, but I warn you not to. The blade will fold up on you if you apply too much pressure on the lock. The gold coat doesnt wear off easily though and this would be an awesome blade to have underneath a glass case.

3. TAC Force Chain Knife

unique blade

knife title

No awesome mall-ninja knife list would be complete without putting a TAC Force knife into it. TAC Force makes some of the most awesome blades that tons of people buy and the quality is always hit or miss. With this knife in particular, I was actually surprised by the quality. I would actually carry this blade on a day to day basis. It definitely wouldnt last as long as my other, higher quality knives, but the construction is quite solid for a TAC Force knife. Also, this knife is bound to get some compliments if your friends are into knives. The Faux-chain on the back of the knife looks quite nice and the handle is actually decently comfortable to hold. Good job on this one TAC Force, maybe some day you can get your other knives up to this quality.

4. Spear Point Assisted Knife

awesome knife

knife title

I couldnt think of a more pointless knife, I mean, this knife only has a point. If making a useless knife wasnt enough, the manufacturer of this knife also decided to add assisted opening to it. Just like as with the above stiletto, this knife also has an absolutely terrible liner-lock. Terrible quality, completely useless, and totally awesome, this item has mall-ninja written all over it. Awesome blades unique looking knives it definitely is. The blade is so small, I dont know if I can legally consider it to be a knife. Bottom line, if you like wasting money, then you will love this knife.

5. CRKT Heiho

slicing knife edge

knife title

Alright, alright, I can see serious knife nuts cringing at this list So I decided to add one completely bad-ass and high quality knife. The CRKT Heiho comes razor sharp straight out of the box. The polished G10 handle looks great and feels amazing in your hand. I love this knife. CRKT has a custom locking system called LAWKS, which makes it a lot more difficult for the knife to accidentally close on you. If you like stabbing into lots of random items around the house, then you will love this knife. My favorite thing about these awesome blades is the clip. The clip is super low profile and sits really deep in your pocket, so nobody will know that you are carrying a knife. If you have the money, then the CRKT Heiho is worth every penny.

Top 5 Inexpensive Folding Knives

Top 5 Inexpensive Folding Knives

Top 5 Inexpensive Folding Knives For EDC

Below is a list of my personal favorite and best inexpensive folding knives, all of which can be bought for less than $30. There are many quality knives with a Sub-$30 price tag, but the knives below I feel deserve special recognition.

1. Ontario Rat Model 1

rat model one knife

knife title

Of course no inexpensive folding knives list would be complete without noting the almighty Rat Model 1 from Ontario. With 3.5 of AUS-8 Steel for a blade and a very comfortable nylon handle, that’s enough reason to take interest. However, don’t just consider the fact that I am interested, consider the fact that this knife has had a 5 star rating on Amazon for years now. I’ve gone camping with this knife numerous amounts of times and am pleased with how well its flat ground, satin finished blade slices through just about anything you would reasonably cut with a knife. This knife is the standard for other budget folding knives. Its buttery-smooth manual opening and closing is truly a treat.

2. CRKT Drifter

top inexpensive folding knives

knife title

Next up on the list is none other than the CRKT Drifter. This knife can be a tricky purchase since it has two different versions, a stainless steel handled version and a G10 version. I highly recommend the G10 version over the stainless steel because the slick handle on the stainless steel will slip right out of sweaty or wet hands. With a 3-inch blade and solid liner lock, this knife fits perfectly into an every day carry role. The Drifter also has a gorgeous Titanium Gray finish on the blade. I wouldn’t recommend this purchase for someone with larger hands, but if you have small to medium sized hands, there is much to love about the Drifter.

3. Kershaw Cryo

kershaw cryo blade

knife title

Do you like assisted knives? Then you will love the Kershaw Cryo. With a 2.75 blade and Kershaws SpeedSafe assisted opening system, this blade flies out as soon as you press down on the flipper or thumbstud. This is one of Kershaws most purchased knives, and for good reason. There aren’t a whole lot of inexpensive folding knives with a frame lock and lockbar stabilizer at under $30, but somehow Kershaw can still make one and turn a profit. If you have heard about this knife before and considered purchasing, all I can say is you wont regret it.

4. Gerber EZ Out

gerber ez out blade

knife title

Okay, first off the review on this knife is going to be quite bias. While it may not be the most popular knife, this is my personal favorite inexpensive EDC (every day carry) knife of all time. No, its not pretty. No, it doesn’t have any fancy assisted opening system or Titanium coating. Yes, it is very plain looking, but hear me out. This is one of the most comfortable inexpensive folding knives that I have ever had in my large hands. It is truly a pleasure to open and close with an authoritative click! every time you flick it out to use it. I have been using an completely abusing this knife for over ten years. I love trying and using different inexpensive folding knives, but this knife always seems to come back into my pocket over the years. The only reason that I didnt make this knife the first on my list is for the fact that most people would stop reading immediately if they saw this knife in the number 1 spot. I recommend this knife to anyone who wants a knife that always seems to get the job done, even though it may not be the prettiest looking knife.

5. Spyderco Byrd Cara Cara 2

spyderco byrd cara cara 2 knife

knife title

The Byrd line is Spydercos budget or inexpensive folding knives line. Don’t fret though, just because these are inexpensive knives, doesn’t mean that Spyderco made dramatic changes in quality. While the US, Japanese, and Taiwanese knives manufactured by Spyderco have absolutely incredible standards of quality, their Chinese made knives are better than most other knives that you can find at their price-point. The Byrd Cara Cara 2 is made in China and has a 3.75 blade made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. The knife is 5.6 ounces but surprisingly feels like there is nothing in your pocket when you are carrying it. For me, the handle is the only drawback, as it has some sharp edges that don’t feel great after you have been cutting something for a long period of time. However, many people love it and it is definitely one of the better inexpensive folding knives with superior quality, so it deserves a place on the list.